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This is all about YOU!

We've developed the "5 Step Bookkeeping System" in parallel with a paradigm busting, FREE Cloud spreadsheet template for bookkeeping to dramatically simplify the bookkeeping process for all individuals and small businesses. Ours is a one-size-fits-all solution for all basic and advanced needs.

We could easily become the next Rosetta Stone, Sylvan Learning Center or Franklin Covey for that matter. We could load up with Attorneys to protect our creations, seek Silicon Valley Mafia support with visions of Wall Street in our collective eyes while creating yet another corporate machine to monopolize on Knowledge.

BUT, please. Tell me again. Where is the fun in that?

How many people really like working for a Corporation? How many Corporate Founders really "like" becoming the target of employee and societal ire, which always happens after some point in the growth cycle. How many people are tired of watching corporations create educational media and software for the masses, with the support of mass input, only to then privatize much of the best of it for their corporate pals later on down the road?

Since the dotCom bust in 2000, the Small Business Community and corporate dis-interested social base has been drained slowly like a stuck pig waiting to take its last breath. The Corporateers, loaded with armies of Attorneys, a rigged Judiciary, and bought Politicians started their takeover of creatives back then and they've never let up.

It's time to remove our collective financial support for Silicon Valley, Wall Street and the Federal and State Politicians who have become foot soldiers for a Greedy and non Creative Global Elite who have no true desire for Community Health and Prosperity. Many of these commercial warriors talk a good game to the Doers. They dress well and look good, but underneath, it's only good for us and the communities we support if there is an excessive profit in it for them protected non-competitively, one way or another. Communist concepts sometimes. Fascist others. All while claiming we are a Capitalist Concept with a heart? Oy Vey. It's time to say f-ck you to all of 'em.

With our Educational and Software solutions we have the opportunity to rapidly and ferociously Sink one of the largest and longest standing Small Business Software purveyors and Monopolies in Silicon Valley. Intuit has had an illogical level of insight and control into and over Small Business and Personal finances for decades. Their flag Ship products including Quickbooks and Quicken have been nothing short of a pirates periscope into our financial lives they should never have been granted access to to start with.

Do you think they used that insight to benefit Small Business people and financially literate individuals OR do you think they used that insight to help their Corporate Pals and Federal Banking Friends trap us in their ever growing ecosystem of second rate SaaS solutions? Collectively these folks have carefully and cleverly pushed a false dependence on invasive information systems by hiding proper spreadsheet education from the masses. And most had no idea what they were doing with a level of conniving strategy what would make your head spin like Beattle Juice! None at all, but that's okay, because now it's time to turn the tables with glee. It's we set ourselves FREE.

Lead by Example. Then Make a Difference in your Client's and Student's Lives.

As Small Business Coaches, Consultants and Educators with an existing audience, you all have the trust and relationships with Small Business Owners and Students that need this new found freedom the most.

We are bringing CPAs up to speed, but Small Business People are better off with a third party Bookkeeping and Accounting Coach than they are a CPA for the majority of their direct questions. Students are better off with Teachers who can teach them the rules, so they can later be taught how to break them with ease, should that be an appropriate method for protest, as might be the case today.

We are ready to bring you up to speed so you can then bring others up to speed.

  • We do NOT do any Coaching or Consulting directly for End Users at this time. None. And we'd prefer to keep it that way if the existing Small Business Coaches, Consultants, and Educators can step in and do the job that needs to be done.

  • We do NOT want a formal list of your names and email addresses anywhere for your privacy, but we'll likely end up with a few in some form or another, unless this grows in a decentralized manner which is our hope.

  • We do NOT want to know who your clients and students are either. That's simply too much responsibility and too much information in our hands.

  • We want you to be our "Value Added Resellers" with a financial contract based on nothing but Honor

We ask you to make a contribution of 5 or 10% of ZAP Accounting Software related engagements. Or maybe you just donate a monthly, quarterly or annual amount you feel is appropriate instead.

We ask you all to make a contribution for each file you setup for another. Maybe you pay it quietly for your client or student but it makes more sense for you to tell them you allocated a portion of their fees for that purpose.

We ask that you encourage your clients to give, without telling us who their Coach is directly. If they want to boast about you online where we can all see it, that's great. The less we know in private the better. Bit Coin may be the way to go for sure for some who cherish their anonymity.

Like Pennies in the Fountain at the Shopping Malls of Olde!

If the User Count is MASSIVE, the donations can be tiny!

What we have to offer goes WAY, WAY, WAY beyond Bookkeeping Software.

This ZAP Accounting Software suite is tiny blip on our Map of Offerings.

See the RED arrow below?

As Doctor Seuss might say, "Oh the places we can go!!"

What do we need to do to get YOU up to Speed?

You tell us what you need, and tell us what you can "donate" for training or support and let's put something together that makes commercial sense for everyone.

Help us Design Commerce for the New Age.

It starts with Bookkeeping. From there, the Sky's the Limit.